About the Journal

The Namibian Journal of Environment covers broad environmental areas of ecology, agriculture, forestry, agro-forestry, social science, economics, water and energy, climate change, planning, land use, pollution, strategic and environmental assessments and related fields, as they pertain to Namibia. The journal addresses the sustainable development agenda of the country in its broadest context. It publishes four categories of articles:

  • Section A: Research articles. High quality peer-reviewed papers in basic and applied research, conforming to accepted scientific paper format and standards, and based on primary research findings, including testing of hypotheses and taxonomical revisions.
  • Section B: Research reports. High quality peer-reviewed papers, generally shorter or less formal than Section A, including short notes, field observations, syntheses and reviews, scientific documentation and checklists.
  • Section C: Open articles. Contributions not based on formal research results but nevertheless pertinent to Namibian environmental science, including opinion pieces, discussion papers, meta-data publications, non-ephemeral announcements, book reviews, correspondence, corrigenda and similar.
  • Section D: Monographs and Memoirs. Peer-reviewed monographic contributions and comprehensive subject treatments (> 100 pages), including collections of related shorter papers like conference proceedings. Because of the workload implications, prospective submitters should consult the editor beforehand.

The Namibian Journal of Environment aims to create a platform for scientists, planners, developers, managers and everyone involved in promoting Namibia's sustainable development.  An Editorial Committee ensures that a high standard is maintained.

There is no charge for publishing in Namibian Journal of Environment.

We invite interested parties from all walks of life to submit contributions to be considered for publication.

The journal is published in electronic format only. One volume is published per year with new articles added on a continual basis.

ISSN: 2026-8327 (online version)