Ant endemicity in the highlands and escarpments of Angola and Namibia (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)


  • K Gomez Independent Researcher, Barcelona, Spain
  • PG Hawkes AfriBugs CC, Villieria, Pretoria, South Africa; SARCHI Chair on Biodiversity Value and Change in the Vhembe Biosphere Reserve, University of Venda, Thohoyandou, South Africa
  • BL Fisher Department of Entomology, California Academy of Sciences, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, USA


Angola, ants, endemism, escarpments, Formicidae, highlands, Namibia


We present the results of a spatial analysis of available ant distribution records for Angola and Namibia, identifying those species that occur within the highlands and escarpments in these countries. Within this region we document 36 described species and 78 morphospecies, including several potentially undescribed species. From the data available, Monomorium borlei Santschi, 1937 is recognised as the one described species endemic to these highlands. The geographic location and topographic complexity of the highlands and escarpments of Angola and Namibia form a highly interesting area, but one that has been vastly undersampled; our results therefore may not reflect the potential endemic fauna of the region. The implementation of both intensive and extensive sampling in the region could reveal a rich ant fauna with a high endemicity potential.